What is Facebook Instant Article? How to make money from it?

 What is Facebook Instant Article? How to make money from it?

For all sorts of online publications, Facebook is giving quick article functionalities.

In this article, you'll discover what an instant article is, how it works, and how to profit from one on Facebook.

What is Facebook Instant Article?

Nowadays, fast loading time is much more important for websites. The same thing applies to mobile users. Facebook has come up with an instant article feature emphasizing this issue.

Instant Articles is an HTML document that follows a custom article format and loads fast on mobile devices through the Facebook mobile app. It has been created to enable content publishers to optimize their content for mobile users.

After an instant article is set up, when an article is shared is converted to an Instant Article format. To make this feature popular, Facebook has the opportunity to earn money from instant articles.

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Instant Articles

All the content published is hosted on the Facebook server through the Instant Article feature. It makes the loading time much faster and is quite convenient for the mobile. 

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Instant Articles.


  • Interactive elements such as a tap-to-zoom image gallery, video auto-play, and others are available in the articles.
  • The instant Article clickthrough rate is relatively high at 20%
  • Other articles can be promoted using the website's 'Related content' option at the bottom of the page.
  • There is an opportunity to create an email list using the email subscription below the article
  • Advantages of branding content with custom themes
  • Income opportunity by showing ads from the Facebook ad platform


  • Only available in the Facebook mobile app
  • Facebook deducts 30% from ad revenue
  • Facebook limits the number of ads per article
  • Instant Articles are not able to be shared on other social media platforms.
  • Setting up an instant article requires some technical skills
  • Rules of Income from Facebook Instant Articles
  • The majority of people are unaware of Facebook Instant Articles or how to profit from them. To join the Facebook Instant Article Platform you will need a Facebook page with an admin/editor role and a website with a page and content.

Facebook Instant Article Sign-up

It's simple to sign up for Facebook Instant Articles. You can sign-up from the Monetization tab of Facebook Creator Studio. 

Click here to access the Facebook Creator Studio page.

If the Instant Articles option has a blue tick next to it after you have chosen your desired page, your website can be monetized. After signing up from here, you will see a new option called Instant Articles in the Publishing Tools section. In case of signing up, you will be asked about the type and activity of your website.

Connect the website to the Facebook page

Enter the Page ID by entering the Instant Article section under Publishing Tools. 

Configuration > Tools > Connect Your site will provide you with a page ID.

You need to connect the website and Facebook page using this page ID. Install the Instant Article Plugin before your website is created by WordPress. After installing, enter the page ID in the WordPress plugin and enter.

After providing the page ID, the process of setting up the Facebook Instant Article will start. After completing the configuration on the website, go back to the Facebook page and click on the Claim URL button.

Instant Article Customization

Then it's your turn to customize the display style of your instant articles. Enter the Instant Articles section and go to Configuration> Tools> Styles. Then the company branding and article style can be customized. Be sure to check out the new style save before using the preview tool.

Article submission

When the branding work is done, this time Facebook will look for 10 sample articles for review. This is the final step in the approval process. You need to have at least 10 published posts on your blog to get approval.

If your blog does not have at least 10 posts, you cannot apply. Also, be sure to select only your best articles when applying.


After the completion of all the mentioned processes, however, the opportunity to earn from Facebook Instant Articles will come. The opportunity for monetization will come only after the Facebook Instant Article setup.

Find the Monetization tab in Creator Studio. You can apply for monetization by clicking on the Facebook Instant Article option. Your application will be approved shortly after you apply, (only if your site content and other technical issues are up to Facebook standards). Once accepted, the published post will become an instant article.

If the instant article is approved on your page, you will see a cool icon (ϟ) in the link thumbnail after sharing the post. This icon refers to the instant article.

All the readers please Keep in mind, this article simply shows the rules of Facebook Instant Article Setup. For more details, visit the Instant Article's official web page.

Why Use Facebook Instant Articles

What is Facebook Instant Article? How to make money from it?

Currently, most Facebook users use Facebook from mobile. Now if you sort your content by targeting that audience, you have a chance to succeed. Again, Facebook Instant Articles can help with content monetization.

In addition, as instant articles load faster, users get more clicks. If you have a sizable number of Facebook page followers, Facebook Instant Articles might be beneficial.

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