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As a business, you need to be as visible as possible if you want to grow your business. Social networks are currently the biggest platforms where you can promote your business for free. If you know how to get more Instagram followers, you know how to get more customers. Be sure to engage with your audience regularly to build strong relationships and build trust.

To reap the benefits of investing in social media, businesses need to expand their reach and attract more leads. This requires an increase in their community. 

But how do you get more followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok?

Essential channels – if need be reminded – for professionals looking to improve their notoriety and generate sales, social networks are constantly evolving. Whether it's their algorithms or usage patterns, they force companies to constantly review their strategy.

But, the million-dollar question is: how do you get more social media followers as a business?

Each social platform is different from the other, there is no single strategy. You must define action plans specific to each channel.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

90% of Instagram users follow a business. More than 36% of B2B decision-makers use the platform to research new products or services. On Instagram, businesses are seeing a 1.46% monthly growth in followers.

To take advantage of these statistics and grow your community, here are some key tips:

1 – Optimize your posts for the Explore page

When searching for content, Instagram users consult the Explore tab of the platform. This generally displays publications related to the preferences of the Internet user: the algorithm is based on his subscriptions, his searches, and his behavior.

To capture leads, you must write relevant captions and use keywords searched by your potential customers.

2 – Organize competitions… even in B2B!

Contests are still a great way to increase your followers on your Instagram page. However, to avoid contestants looking for prizes they could resell, or offer products or services that cater to your niches, such as a subscription to your tool or a deep discount on the first purchase.

This practice will allow you to recruit qualified subscribers.

3 – Use influencer marketing

Often used in B2C marketing, influencer marketing also comes in a B2B version. But only 11% of B2B companies dare to rely on influencers. Still, it is still a successful strategy to get more followers on Instagram.

Find experts in your industry to talk about your products/services and attract new users. You can have them test your tools and ask them to publish a story or a post, but you also have the option of

  • Turn your best customers into influencers by organizing Live Instagram sessions.

  • Post case studies about your customers and ask them to share them on their Instagram page.

  • Co-create content with your partners, media, and bloggers.

How to get more followers on LinkedIn?

9 out of 10 companies have a page on LinkedIn. On average, they have 109,000 subscribers on this social network.

In other words, competition is important! So how do you attract users to your page and turn it into a lead machine? Our tips are below!

1 – Launch a follower recruitment campaign

LinkedIn's Follower Ad format helps recruit followers through sponsored ads. The platform displays a personalized advertisement with the logo, the name of your company, as well as a "Follow" button.

2 – Encourage your executives and managers to tag your page

According to a study by LinkedIn, only 3% of employees share their company's content on social networks. However, when they do, they generate 30% of the interactions on this content! Impressive, right?

Your company's executives and managers have their own network on LinkedIn. However, this one is often very qualified. So when they bring up the company's LinkedIn page and link to it, it helps drive traffic and followers.

3 – Encourage employees to participate in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups offer highly engaged conversations between professionals who are passionate about niche topics. When your company's experts participate as authentic members in these mini-communities, they help raise awareness of your company, while demonstrating your authority on key topics.

Not to mention that they can enrich their knowledge themselves, which benefits your business.

In your internal newsletter, during your training, or via a charter for the use of social networks, encourage this good practice by revealing all its advantages!

4 – Promote your LinkedIn page in annual reports

Your quarterly or annual studies and reports are not only seen by your employees. Over time, they are reviewed by other sources like your investors, outside analysts, partners, and even customers.

Make sure your LinkedIn Page URL appears in these materials to gain quality followers!

How to get more followers on Facebook?

Facebook is more than 2 billion users, 74% of whom connect to it for professional purposes. 48.5% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook to search for information and partners.

So how do you take advantage of this audience to gain followers on your business page?

1 – Optimize the “About” section

Many users will refer to the "About" section of Facebook to learn more about your business. These same users may never visit the "About" page of your website, so you might as well provide them with all the useful information on the social network.

Make sure this section contains everything a prospect needs to know:

  • Your contact details: email, telephone number, head office address, etc.

  • Your opening hours

  • Your website

  • The way(s) to make an appointment

  • Description of the company and its products/services

  • His history

2 – Pin interesting information

Maximize your landing page by featuring helpful content like infographics, tips, how-to videos, tutorials, product demos, customer testimonials, or behind-the-scenes of your business.

The idea is that the visitor immediately finds added value by visiting your Facebook page, which will encourage him to subscribe.

3 – Use Facebook Ads

Facebook offers the possibility of boosting your publications to reach new audiences. Your best-performing content deserves to be sponsored to reach potential prospects and encourage them to like your page.

And just like LinkedIn, Facebook offers a dedicated format for recruiting followers. You can use it to generate new "likes" on your page every day.

4 – Promote your page on other channels

Everyone is on Facebook! To this end, do not hesitate to promote your pages on as many channels as possible to boost subscriptions: in your newsletter, in the signature of your emails, via a pop-up on your website, in your lead nurturing campaigns, etc.

How to get more followers on TikTok?

Thought TikTok was just for teens? If they are the majority on the platform, there are still 37% of adults:

  • 16% of users are between 30 and 39 years old

  • 14% are between 40 and 49 years old

  • 7% are over 50

So what if you started with relevant, fun, and entertaining videos that show your business in a different light? And to recruit your first subscribers, here are some best practices to follow:

1 – Demystify your sector with humor

All activities suffer from received ideas, clichés, or myths. TikTok gives you a unique opportunity to creatively debunk them to educate your audience. This technique helps you gain subscribers interested in your business, but still in the thinking phase.

A good example is the company Morningbrew, which uses TikTok to explain the mysteries of finance to its followers.

2 – Deliver hacks on your products/services

Do your products/services contain underused or overlooked features? Highlight them on TikTok in a playful way through short and funny videos.

However, the tips must be unique and relevant so that they encourage the user who sees the video to subscribe.

3 – Launch challenge hashtags

Challenge hashtags are a simple and effective way to get more followers on TikTok.

Challenge your followers, and don't forget to sponsor the hashtag to get maximum participation and followers!

How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Over 75% of business leaders watch videos. Nearly 51% of decision-makers use YouTube to research products/services to buy. This makes the platform a top destination to reach your target audience… and convert them into subscribers.

1 – Create an attractive video trailer

After watching an interesting YouTube video, a viewer can click on your profile to see what your channel is about. One of the first things he sees is the featured video. This is an opportunity to convert the visitor into a subscriber, thanks to a powerful video.

Take advantage of this location to broadcast a trailer on your activity, but also on the content of your YouTube channel. Give him solid reasons to subscribe!

2 – Produce subscriber-only content

To get more subscribers to your YouTube channel, create exclusive content, available only to them. This can be videos accessible with a password, a white paper, a playbook, a webinar, a training...

In any case, this measure is very effective in quickly gaining qualified subscribers.

3 – Co-create content with other channels

By linking with other YouTube accounts, you introduce your channel to an audience that is likely to subscribe.

Be sure to choose channels that match your interests. Your audiences should be similar enough. You can collaborate with an influencer, one of your contractors, a partner, or even a client.

Here's how to get there! >>

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How to get more followers on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, users can either follow a board or an account.

What is the difference? The user following a specific board will only see the content you post there. On the other hand, if they follow your Pinterest account, they can see all the pins you share.

So, what best practices should be adopted to increase the number of followers at both the account and board levels?

1 – Follow your competitors’ followers

An effective technique to get more followers on Pinterest is to follow your competitors' followers. Since you have the same target audience, chances are their followers will be interested in your pins and follow you back.

2 – Create sub-tables

Pinterest is more than 2 billion searches per month. To attract users, create sub-boards on your board. The idea is to better organize your pins to help your audience find exactly what they're looking for, without having to dig through hundreds of content.

However, if users find what they want easily, they will be more likely to subscribe to your account to discover your future pins.

3 – Use suggested hashtags

If you want to be noticed by Internet users who are part of your target audience, use hashtags!

By writing the description of your pins, Pinterest automatically suggests the most popular ones. You can use them, remembering to use your own hashtags.

Pinterest works like a search engine, so you can incorporate keywords from your SEO strategy into your descriptions.

How to get more followers on Twitter?

According to Médiamétrie, Twitter has 16.9 million unique visitors per month in France. This represents a large potential pool of subscribers.

In addition, be aware that 75% of B2B companies offer their products/services on Twitter. The competition is therefore present on the microblogging site! So how do you get out there and increase your Twitter followers?

1 – Find followers within your network

To gain new followers and make yourself more visible on the social network, synchronize your contact list with Twitter!

If your contacts have an account on Twitter, you'll be more likely to appear as a suggestion in the "Who to follow" section. In addition, you can follow them to encourage them to subscribe in return.

Depending on the size of your contact list, this can make it easy to get new relevant subscribers.

2 – Surf the trends

On your home page, Twitter offers you personalized trends, based on your country and your interests, with related hashtags. These topics generate thousands of tweets and millions of views.

See if it is possible to integrate them into your tweets to take advantage of their visibility and gain additional followers.

3 – Launch a subscriber recruitment campaign

Twitter recruitment campaigns allow you to promote your account to a targeted audience. You only pay when a user subscribes after seeing your ad. Interesting for the return on investment!

4 – Interact with users

To engage potential followers, don't just post a tweet and log out. Follow other influential people in your industry, customers, experts, partners, or specialized media.

Retweet posts from other sources that may be of interest to your audience. Of course, reply to users who comment on your tweets and thank those who share them.

When your Twitter presence becomes conversational, you grow your follower count faster.

Having more subscribers on social networks is important for your visibility, but is not the end! The ultimate goal is to be able to engage a qualified community by encouraging them to turn into customers. This is what will guarantee a return on investment. For this purpose, it is not so much the number of subscribers that matters, but rather their quality.

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