Facebook is giving you a huge opportunity to earn money sitting at home, you just have to do a small thing

Facebook is giving you a huge opportunity to earn money sitting at home, you just have to do a small thing

Facebook Reels has already been launched worldwide. However, this time the company has brought a piece of great good news for those who share real videos on Facebook.

Facebook Reels is currently available in about 150 countries around the world. Plus, it can be easily accessed by Android and iOS users.  In 2020, with the help of Tiktak, Facebook Reels was first launched.

In this context, Meter CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook will now give reels makers a chance to earn. Facebook will soon launch a new feature for this. In addition, in this new initiative, Facebook is now preparing to share a portion of the revenue from short videos with reels makers.

Facebook will launch this initiative on a trial basis in the next few weeks. This means that content creators can now make money through Facebook by creating reels.

It is learned that in view of the challenges that TickTock is facing in many countries of the world, Facebook has decided to attract more and more content creators to this platform. According to Meter reports, it is currently sharing a share of advertising revenue with reels makers on a pilot project basis.

In addition, Facebook has announced that the initiative will first be launched in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, it is likely to be launched in more countries in the next few weeks. Also, Facebook is planning to launch it in India soon, which is their biggest market.

Take a look at how reels makers can get income from Facebook:

Under the current system, users will see one reel after another without any interruption where no ads will appear. But, Facebook is now doing a new experiment in this regard. Content creators participating in this pilot project will have to choose between two ad formats.

The first format will have banners and the second format will have stickers. Ads in banner format will appear transparently below the Facebook reel. In sticker mode, the ad will appear on the reel just like any other sticker. In addition, content creators will be allowed to affix stickers to any part of the reel.

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