Digital Marketing: A Marketing Revolution of the 20th century

 Digital Marketing: A Marketing Revolution of the 20th century
Digital Marketing

One day, a grocer is sitting upset. It's been a month since he opened a new shop. But the trade is not going very well. He is worried about how he will pay the rent for the store this month, and the rest of the raw materials costs. How to increase sales in the store. He is even more upset when he sees the shops around him. So he closed the shop at noon and started walking aimlessly. As he walked he came a long way. Suddenly he noticed a beggar gesturing helplessly and singing loudly to attract the attention of the people.

People are attracted to it and are giving him money. Then the shopkeeper realized that he had done everything, but did nothing that attracted the attention of the customers which is different from other shops.

Then he made a decision and returned to the store. He then announced a discount of Rs. 5 per kg on all daily necessities and wrote it on a large piece of paper in front of the shop, holding it in his hand and singing loudly, telling people that he was giving a discount of Rs. 5 on all his daily necessities products. He saw that the number of customers in his shop was increasing.

It was a new grocery storekeeper marketing method. How he attracts people to come to his store and buy products.

So, what exactly is Marketing?

Marketing is nothing but attracting people.

For what? 

To purchase the goods. 

If we see the story, at the beginning of this article, we see what? A storekeeper, how he started his selling more. In the story we see, the storekeeper is giving discounts on his products. And announcing this to the people by singing loudly. That was his technique to attract people or customers.

So, to attract customers, whatever actions we take are called marketing, and our business must increase sales. Neither, do we have to sit upset like the storekeeper?

Sometimes, we unintentionally promote a company's goods. For example, one of our friends wanted to buy a phone or any product and want a suggestion. That time we give some their suggestions about some company product, and subconsciously we marketing for those company.

Now, what we can do in this 20th century to sell products, in these highly competitive markets.

If we are new to the market, it’s going to be tough to get in, but not impossible. We just have to find out the right Products, the target audience, and the very important thing, the right method of marketing.

What do you mean by "Products"?

If we look around us, what we will see? 

Dear friend, look around you. You will see everything you are using.  Yes, those things are called products. But not for you. Because you are now a reader of my content, rather than a seller. Who is interested to know about Digital marketing. In this case, if you properly see it, this article is the product for me. Because I want the reader to read this article of mine, and read more and more.

So products are those things, which we are selling to the people. And what people are buying, those called consumer products. Products can be anything you want to sell. 

For example, for marketing, traveling also can be a product, if you are an owner of a traveling agency. 

Who is the “Target Audience”?

If I am a shopkeeper, then around me all the people are my target audience, in general. But not the Right Target Audience. 

Then who is the Right Target Audience? 

Yes, for knowing the Right Target Audience, first we have to know what our product is made for, or what uses our product. Is it daily necessary products, like, food items, health products, beauty products, or products used for another purpose, like, bags for school or for traveling, or for official purposes?

Some products are material parts of other products, like machine parts or vehicle parts. Then we have to find out, who are the people around us use those machines or vehicles.

Then we have to know the gender who going to use it. Is it for men, or for women? We have to know about the age. At which age do people use this type of product much. Is it for children or kids, for young people, for elders, or for all ages people can use this product?

In some areas of the world, we have to know about, does this product has any religious issues? In some areas, white and black issues also impact products sales.

People’s income level also affects the selection of the target audience. Some products are made only for High-income people. Which item we called Luxurious item. 

And then, considering everything, we have to find out and select the Right Target Audience or customer, to whom we are going to sell our products.

Now, the most important thing, the Right Method of Marketing

After knowing our customer and product category, it is time to know about our Marketing Methods. 

There have lots of marketing methods and media. We use different types of advertising as a means of marketing. And we use Print marketing, newspapers, radio, television, posters, etc., which are seen as different mediums for advertising before.

However, the marketing mediums that were popular in the early twentieth century are slowly losing favor now.

Then the question may emerge as to which marketing media is experiencing a surge in demand at this time.

Yes friends, now are the time for Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Where before, when we came home, a television in one corner of the house was our only means of entertainment. The competition was on who would have the TV remote in their hands. But today, with the advancement of technology, all the fun of our past has vanished. But technology has brought all the entertainment in the world into our hands. The easy availability of the internet has made us mobile phone lovers. In 24 hours of the day, most of us fall in love with this little device of ours the internet. 

We can't imagine a single moment without the internet and cell phones nowadays. And using this weakness of the internet to promote a product online is digital marketing or online marketing. Moreover, we also do digital marketing through text messages or multimedia messages.

Digital marketing is the most widely available and easily accessible way to reach as many people as we have in the past. Even digital marketing can only be done through the internet and our mobile phones or laptop. From any ware, we can do digital marketing of our product.


Below are the mediums through which digital marketing is done.

  • Social media marketing 

  • Content marketing 

  • Email marketing 

  • Influencer marketing 

  • Search engine optimization or SEO 

  • Search engine marketing or SEM 

  • Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Pay per click or PPC 

  • Mobile advertising

Social Media Marketing

What exactly do we mean when we say "social media"? Earlier, social media meant, we understood a social gathering. Where we are all friends are hanging out in one place. It could be a tea shop, maybe a corner of the playground, Maybe if there is a movie Theatre, we can sit together and enjoy a movie. So, social media is a place where all friends and family gatherings happen in one place.

But in the 20th century what is Social Media? No friends, this is not a tee shop, a movie theatre, a playground, or any physical place. Then what it is? In the 20th century, this is a virtual place, maybe some website. Where we can find and make friends, and followers. Where we can chat from anywhere in the world.

Yes, friends, we are very familiar with websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, VK, etc. Most of these websites or apps have our accounts. We have a lot of friends and followers on all these accounts. All these websites give us various benefits like we can open groups or pages on Facebook. We can do business profiles on Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter.

Since all the opportunities are given to us by such social media sites, many people come to all these sites through the internet. We need to adopt marketing methods for the expansion of all businesses. To advertise it, we need a lot of visitors in one place at a low cost.
The only way to get more viewers at a low cost is through social media. And online-based advertising of any product on all these social media is called social media marketing.

Content marketing 

A marketing technique using articles, videos, podcasts, and other material to attract, engage and keep an audience is called content marketing. This method builds expertise, increases brand awareness, and keeps your organization top of mind when consumers need to buy what you sell.

For example, friends, do you remember the story of our new grocer that I told at the beginning of our article? What he did there was to increase sales in his store? He makes a discount poster to increase his sales and attracts people's attention by singing loudly. This is one kind of content.

Content is the bullet points for the public mind. Attracting the public by using attractive words or sentences. It can be any short article or long article, videos, or other material which highlights the company product in front of the people or customers.

Email marketing

Almost every day we delete many emails from our email inbox that are sent to us from different companies. Most of these emails we never check. If a couple of emails suddenly catch our attention, we might check them out.

Why do we check these emails? How do these emails catch our attention? Just think or open one of these emails in your inbox. What are you looking at? In most of these emails, we see that different companies have emailed us with different offers on their products, or about a new product that is brought to market. When a product is advertised through email, it is called email marketing. In this case, companies offer attractive offers in product advertising. Email users are interested in buying that product. Email marketing is one of the most widely used digital marketing tools in today's world.

Influencer marketing

There are people in our society who we like personally. Their work or type of work encourages us. We personally want to be like them. We want to follow every word and every deed of these people. We believe in these people more than anyone else. When they tell us to do something we do or try to do it. They control us subconsciously.

They could be our school teachers, they could be politicians, they could be TV actors, they could be writers, they could be singers, the ones we like. In other words, we call them celebrities or idols. In the language of digital marketing, they are called influencers.

When a company uses these influencers to advertise or promote its products on its blog, social media profile, page, website, it is called Influencer marketing.

Search engine optimization or SEO

When we usually can't find anything, we search online on various search engine websites like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. After visiting all these websites, we enter the required information in the search option and those websites provide us with lots of possible answers through different websites.


Search Engine Example

If we look at the picture above, we will see that the list of many websites is showing as our result. Now, how do these websites come forward among the other websites?

After creating a website, the main goal is to bring website traffic. But it is not an easy task. Because there are thousands of similar websites online. And everyone wants their website to be on the front page of search engines. All the optimization processes to bring the website to the front page are SEO.

Search engine marketing or SEM 

SEM, or search engine marketing, is the practice of running a paid ad advertising campaign on a search engine to get a term to appear or rank on the first page.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Suppose you have an e-commerce store or website. Now you want to sell the products that you have listed in your web series. Now if you want to rank your website through SEO but it will take some time. Now you are going to get instant results. For instant sale. In this case, suppose the price of the product you want to sell is a thousand dollars. From here you will make a profit of $500. Now if we spend $100 to $200 through search engine marketing or through paid results to sell the product but we still have a profit of $400 to $300.

If we want to sell the merchandise via SEO, our profit will be $500. However, in this instance, it will take many days to sell the merchandise. This might take a while. And if we sell using SEM, or search engine marketing, our profit drops somewhat. However, we are seeing immediate improvements. However, if you want to achieve the same result using SEO, it may take many months for your chosen term to rank on the first page.

This might take a while. It all depends on the type of website you have. How you want to rank, what topic you want to be in, and what category your website is in. On some of these issues, how competitive is that category?

So, if you want to sell your things rapidly and instantaneously, SEM is highly vital and profitable.

Affiliate marketing

Online marketing is becoming more prevalent than offline marketing in current times. So one of the most popular ways to earn money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by selling products or services of a company or organization on a contractual basis.

If I give you an example, you will understand better. For example, if you or a relative has a problem with your body, you go to the doctor. Usually, the doctor there will give you a prescription for various tests.

However, if you notice, the doctor will tell you the name of a diagnostic center or hospital for these tests. If you get your test done at that diagnostic center or hospital, as the doctor says, then the doctor gets a certain amount of commission. The money that doctors usually make by sending patients is called "affiliate marketing."

CPA marketing

CPA marketing is a kind of advertising method. Or affiliate marketing, through which you can earn money by selling a product as well as doing a small job such as email submission or download. We all know that CPA's full meaning is the cost per action, that is, if any action is full, you will get the commission.

To give an example, I have a restaurant, and you brought a customer for my restaurant, for which you will get a commission from me, you will be given a commission even if the customer does not buy or buy anything. Hope you understand.

Many of you may not understand, what is the action?
For them, buying an offer, downloading a game or something else, signing up on a site or opening an account for a game, sharing or subscribing to an email, or signing up on a romantic site is one action. Simply put, different companies will pay you a commission if you can deliver these leads to their online sites. I have said before that whether you sell any of their products here or not if you can win with traffic or customers then you will get a commission or money.

Pay-per-click or PPC

PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising model where advertisers have to pay after adding every click. Marketers first create an ad and then bid on these ads in different search engines. The results of showing results on search engine web pages come mostly from click-relevant searches. As a result, the most deserving/necessary audience is available. PPC marketers first create a landing page to run a successful campaign. Then they design the ads in such a way that the audience moves to the landing page as soon as they click. A successful marketer should collect as much audience data as he can get on his website. At least e-mails should be collected so that they can later be converted into a targeted audience. There are various PPC ads such as search ads, local search ads, display ads, and remarketing ads. These ads are sometimes seen on web pages, sometimes on social media platforms, and sometimes on mobile apps. Especially emo-type ads can be seen on social media. Another feature of these ads is that they match a lot of content as if the part of the ad is also a part of the content. However, many audiences are confused and click, but there is no reason to panic. These can be avoided with a little caution on social media platforms. When posting such ads on Facebook and Twitter, they simply write 'sponsored or promoted'. So if the reader keeps his eyes and ears open, you can easily recognize this type of ad.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising communicates products or services to mobile devices and smartphone consumers. Mobile Advertising Spectrum Short Message Service (SMS) Interactive shots from the text.

Mobile advertising is a subset of mobile marketing.

Mobile ads target users based on a specific population. Identifies mobile profiles and preferences related to mobile networks and shows the relevance when customers download and use data services such as games, apps (apps), or ringtones.

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is a non-profit world trade organization that promotes mobile marketing and advertising technology. It controls related terms, specifications, and best practices. MMA also oversees global mobile advertising units for messaging, applications, video, television, and the web.

Mobile advertising can be done in the following ways:

  • Mobile Web: Text Tagline Ads, Mobile Web Banner Ads, WAP 1.0 Banner Ads, Rich Media Mobile Ads
  • Multimedia Message Services: Short Text Ad, Long Text Ad, Banner Ad, Rectangle Ad, Audio Ad, Video Ad, Full Ad
  • Mobile Video & TV Advertising Unit: Advertising Break, Linear Ad Break, Nonlinear Ad Break, Interactive Mobile Video & TV Ad
  • Mobile Application: The application includes Ad Unit, Integrated Advertising, Branded Mobile Application, Sponsored Mobile Applications

According to Gartner, the mobile advertising market will be driven by smartphones and tablet devices, which will grow to 19 billion by 2015.

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