How can I start an affiliate marketing business online?

 How can I start an affiliate marketing business online?


In today's post, I will discuss, A-Z, and how affiliate Marketing(Affiliate Marketing Bangla) will start. This is the ultimate guide. If you follow this post till the end, you will know the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

In today's post, I will show

  • What is affiliate marketing?

  • How does affiliate marketing work?

  • How to earn affiliate marketing?

Let's get started.

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many people often hear this question and the answer to this question is very simple. Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing Bangla) is taking commission by promoting other products.

You choose a product from online and give an affiliate link to that product. Then you promote that product online. If someone buys the product after promoting it, you will get a fixed amount of commission. Basically, this is affiliate marketing.

Four Simple Ways You Can Start Affiliate Marketing

  • First, you need to select a product.

  • Then you need to sign up for their affiliate program.

  • Then they will give you a special link called an affiliate link

  • You promote that link online and if someone buys from that link you get a certain amount down.

Very simple, right?

How does affiliate marketing actually work? How does Affiliate Marketing Bangla Work

We don't really need to know how affiliate marketing works. Even many pro marketers don't know about this. However, for the sake of understanding, I will talk a little about this today.

When you receive an affiliate link from an affiliate program, the link has a tracking ID. When someone clicks on your link, the affiliate program software will know that the ID came from your link.

How can you earn in affiliate marketing? (How Much Money You Can Earn From Affiliate Marketing)

Actually how much income you will earn in affiliate marketing depends on you. If you work hard and do affiliate marketing in a smart way then you can earn a good income. There are many affiliate marketers who are earning $10,000 to $50,000 a month.

Affiliate marketing income depends on one more thing which is the type of product you promote. If you promote low-commission products Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more Its products then you will get very less commission. And if you promote High Paying affiliate products then you can earn 1000 dollars from one product. But promoting a $1000 product is very difficult. If you get one sale in a month you will get 1000 dollars

How can you become an affiliate marketer? (How You to be an Affiliate Marketer)

So if you want to become a professional affiliate marketer then first you need to know the basics of affiliate marketing. If you do affiliate marketing only based on some strategies without knowing the basics of affiliate marketing then you will not be successful.

You can easily promote a product from Click Bank but you need to do the right promotion to be successful. You first need to know how to promote products and then start affiliate marketing.

I have seen many people who start spamming affiliate marketing. They go to Facebook groups and share links only, and Pinterest goes on to share links. This is called spamming. You cannot be successful in affiliate marketing by sharing links.

You need to know the exact process of affiliate marketing. This is exactly what I will tell you in today's post. So let's get to the point

How to select Nice? (How to Choose Niche For Affiliate Marketing)

This is the first step to start affiliate marketing select Nice. If you select the product without selecting the niche, I'd say you're going to make a fatal mistake.

We'll get to why selecting a product before selecting a niche is a fatal mistake later. But before that, we want to know how we select a niche. Nis means topic. Cricket as an example is a topic. Then we can call it nice.

There are three things to keep in mind when you select a niche.

The first thing is whether you are passionate about the niche you are selecting, if you are not passionate then you will lose interest in it very easily. You have to select a niche that you really like

The second thing is whether you can actually earn money in the niche you are selecting? There are many topics where money is not earned. If you select those topics then you will not be successful.

The third thing is whether people are interested in your topic. Do people like to watch videos or post blogs on this topic? If not then the application is not acceptable.

There are three niches in the world that are evergreen. Those three are Health, Wealth, and Relationship. So you can be successful if you work on these niches.

How to select products? (How to Select Product For Affiliate Marketing)

So now you are done selecting your niche product must be selected. Suppose the niche you have selected is cricket. Now there are many products to play cricket. We have to promote those cricket products.

You need to get an affiliate link to promote. So where do you get affiliate links? To get the link, just type the product you want to promote in google search and add an affiliate and you will get their affiliate site. From there you need to sign up. After signing up you will receive a link. You need to promote that link.

Again, some marketplaces are used to get affiliate links. such as ClickBank | Leading Affiliate Marketplace & Global Retailer, WarriorPlus: Your Profit is Our Business JVZoo Homepage

You will find many products in these marketplaces. So search from there and bring out your product and from there you can take an affiliate link.

After taking the affiliate link, your job is to promote productively. Let's go to the next tape.

How to promote affiliate marketing? (How to Promote Affiliate Marketing Product)

To promote the product There are thousands of methods but today I will show you some popular methods. Let's get started -

1. How to promote affiliate marketing products with a blog

You can promote affiliate marketing through blogs if you want. That's why you need to create a blog. WordPress is the best CMS to create a blog. Creating a blog on WordPress is very easy. First, you need to buy a domain and a hosting package. Then the blog needs to be set up. Then you need to write content based on your product.

You can get a domain and host from any domain hosting. If you have a credit card you can pick it up from international providers. If you don't have a credit card, you can get one from a local provider. One of the Best web hostings is ExonHost - The fastest Web Hosting.

So what kind of content should you write on your blog? Suppose your blog is about cricket. Then you should write a post about cricket. Suppose you want to promote a cricket bat then you can write a review article by writing the best cricket bat. When it gets ranked in Google, a lot of traffic will come here to buy the bat. If someone clicks your link and buys a bat, you get a commission. Don't just write review posts, you should also write informative posts. Like how to cover drive how to bowl.

2. Promote through funnels (How To create landing page and sales Funnels)

A funnel is something where you send your viewers to a landing page where your visitor signs up with an email and can view a product.

Even if he doesn't buy the product right away, you can still inform him about the product via email. Because you have already collected the email.

To create a funnel you need to create a landing page, to collect emails you need email software. Then you need to create an affiliate funnel. If you want to do these it can cost upwards of $1000. But I have created a video where I show you how to create an email marketing funnel without spending any money and promoting your product. Watch the video and hopefully, you will understand everything.

3. How to promote the product on Facebook

Many of us make mistakes while promoting products on Facebook. On Facebook, we share on different pages in different groups. This is spamming. You will not get any results by doing them.

All you need to do is create a Facebook group on the niche you have selected the product on. Then you have to join other Facebook groups. After joining you need to create values ​​in those groups, and from there add group members to the group in your Facebook personal profile. Then join those members of your group. You need to provide value after getting them to join your group. When they start to trust you, you will show them your products. In this way, you can promote the product through Facebook.

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