Sales funnel: Deliver the right message to the right customer

 Sales Funnel: Deliver the right message to the right customer

What is a funnel? What are the stages of the conversion funnel? In this post, you will see what a conversion funnel is, the types of funnels that exist and how to create a free funnel.

In the world of digital marketing, there are different types of tools that businesses use to professionalize their processes to attract customers and generate sales.

conversion funnel is a methodology that we use to plan and define the steps that a potential client has to take to achieve an objective on our website.

That is why it is important to understand its meaning and know everything you need when creating a marketing and sales funnel. 

First, you will see the basics and then the steps to draw a funnel and its phases. 


 Sales Funnel

A conversion funnel is a marketing tool that has several processes and stages with which (first stage) is to bring visitors to our publications through marketing strategies.
In the next stage of the funnel, with the visitors that reach our social network profiles, we will be able to capture prospects and begin to generate our list of contacts, which is the most important asset of a company.

Once the visitors have left us their data (leads) we can start sending our campaigns aimed at selling, aimed at converting those prospects who left us their data into customers. We can carry out these campaigns through paid advertising on social networks, also through E-mail marketing, etc.

Once the sale is made, our customers go to the last stage of the funnel where we will follow up and support the sale and with which we will try to retain our customers with our business to make them frequent customers and not just stay in one single sale.
In short, that's what a conversion funnel is for and that professional businesses use to generate thousands of sales and therefore thousands of dollars.

What is the sales funnel model?

The term sales funnel is used in marketing to describe all the stages that a person goes through from the time they meet us to they buy from us. You will also see that it can be called a conversion funnel or sales funnel

The metaphor is simple. If you are applying the correct strategy to gain visibility, over time, your blog will begin to reach thousands of people a day. 

Does that mean that everyone is going to buy you? I wish, but obviously not. What will happen is the following:

  • Of all the visits you receive, only some will become subscribers (have you created a Lead Magnet and a Squeeze Page so that no one leaves without giving you, their email?).
  • Only a portion of your subscribers will connect with your material on a regular basis (you need, yes or yes, an autoresponder system).
  • And of the latter, there will be a part that will buy your products or services (only if you have chosen a winning info product).
You will see it very clearly in this image.

On the left, you can see how your complete audience gets to the web via the various input methods. However, only a small percentage of those people will become subscribers. This is an excellent starting filter. And not all of the readers who have become subscribers will be interested in your offers. There may come a time when they decide they are no longer interested in you or that what you have to give is no longer appealing to them.

Again, we will encounter a filter throughout the sales process. In the end, just a tiny fraction of those who began will make it to the point of sale. The sales funnel is the key to generating money from your blog. Your blog is helpless without a sales funnel. And you have the impression that you are dragging yourself along with your blog rather than pushing forward and influencing lives.


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